Ride leaders are always needed for our HBC rides.  We have rides going out from the east and west shores in various speed categories so there is sure to be a ride right for you.


Riding with HBC offers our leaders and riders peace of mind with both secondary medical and liability insurance.  Riding with a group also brings new friendships and comradery. 


The HBC wants those considering becoming a ride leader to know YOU DO NOT NEED TO TAKE THE OFFICIAL HBC RIDE LEADER TRAINING to lead an HBC ride, but we strongly recommend that you do.  The only criteria you need to become a ride leader is to get the approval of the ride coordinator or approval from the Ride and Ride Leadership Development Committee for the ride you wish to lead.


For those who do not take the training yet wish to get some direction on leading, HBC offers on the ride, Ride Leader Mentoring by an experienced ride leader.  Ride Leader Mentoring will NOT qualify you for HBC leader perks.  Only those who have current official HBC Ride Leader Training qualify for ride leader perks such as HBC clothing, leader jersey, CPR & First Aid Training and free HBC banquet. 


Here are some things to know: 



1.    All rides must have an Area Ride Coordinator approval to be an official HBC sponsored ride.

2.    All riders must be led by an approved HBC ride leader.  

Ø  To be an approved HBC Ride Leader: 

·   Get approval from the Ride Coordinator, OR 

·   Get approval from the Ride and Ride Leadership Committee. 

3.    A notice must be sent out beforehand – no Show and Go rides.  

Ø  In the case of Regular Rides, the ride will be submitted to the website by the Ride Captain or an Area Ride Coordinator.  If no leader is identified prior to the ride, an Approved HBC Ride Leader may step in to lead. 

Ø  In the case of Email Distribution List Rides, the Coordinator monitors the notices.  

4.    All riders must be listed on a sign-up sheet and non-members must sign the waiver.