Guest Presenter – David Drinks / UMedGym, Carlisle, PA

David Drinks is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a Certified Wellness and Health Coach,

and is Level 1 Certified in the Functional Movement Screen. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport and

Exercise Science, and he currently works at The Carlisle UMedGym as an Exercise Specialist. He

specializes in assessing and prescribing exercise programs for a wide variety of populations, from clients

in their 80s-90s, to high-level endurance athletes, to youth Ballet dancers from the Central Pennsylvania

Youth Ballet, and everywhere in between.

In this presentation, he will focus on the why and the how of screening for movement limitations and

developing a strength and mobility routine that is specific to bicyclists. You will learn what components

make up a complete strength and mobility training routine, and how you can incorporate them to not

only allow you to be a more effective bicyclist, but also stay healthy over the long-run.


David Drinks provided some videos to show how to perform the following exercises correctly. 


Please click on each image to watch the video.  The image will open your web browser and take you to Youtube to view the video.


Upper Back mobility Exercises:

Thoracic Spine Extension with Foam Roller (1x5-10)

Sidelying Thoracic Spine Rotation with Reach (1x6 each side with a 5-second hold each rep


Pectoral/Shoulder mobility:

Doorway Slides (1x8-10)


Hip Extension mobility:

The True Hip Flexor Stretch (1x6 each with a 5-second hold each rep)

Figure 4 Hip Stretch (3x15-20 seconds each leg)


Ankle/Calf mobility:

Calf Stretch @ Wall (3x15-20 seconds each leg)

Rocking Ankle Mobilization (1x6-8 each leg) 


Hamstring mobility:

Leg Lowering 1 (2-3x30 seconds each leg) 


Strength Exercises: I like to include these exercises 2-4x/week, depending on how much other exercise you're getting. For example, if there is a lot of cycling going on, you might only do the strength exercises 2x/week. If it's in the off-season from cycling, or a time where not much cycling is happening, you might perform these exercise 3-4x/week.


Hip Extension strength:

Single Leg Supine Bridge (2-4x6-8 each leg)


Core Stability:

Curl-Up (1-3x6-8 with a 5-10 sec hold each rep)

Plank (3-9x10-15 sec hold - 10-15 second holds repeated for more repetitions is better than holding one plank for 30-60+ seconds)

Bird Dog (2-3x6-8 each side)


Lower Body Strength:

Goblet Squat (2-4x6-10)

Lateral Lunge (2-3x6-8 each side)