Recycle Bicycle is a very worthwhile initiative headed up by Ross Williard, an HBC member and recipient of the 2009 Harrisburg Bicycle Club  "Service Before Self Award".


Following is a writeup from Ross describing Recycle Bicyle.

We are a focal point for Recycling Bicycles in Central Pennsylvania - what really happens is people throw them in the yard and then run like mad.  The lady of the house then yells "somebod's leaving bikes in the yard" and that's my signal to hurry out & hide them to keep her happy.  Some bikes are fixed and returned to the community.  Other bikes are taken to Gettysburg, where Pedals for Progress fixes them and then ships them overseas.  Eventually some bikes are so bad that they are stripped for parts and the screp metal recycled to enhance the environment.  The parts are stored in a sort of Mbile Repair Facility; it's a lawn care trailer enclosed with 8' plywood which looks like a hill-billy outhouse on wheels.  The MRF then is towed around the area all summer, to facilitate Free Bike Repair for Kids.  That the part we really like to do!


Most inter city kids bicycles have no brakes.  Which is a real paradox when you do the typical bicycle safety derby.  The normal format is inspect the bike, teach and train bike safety, fit a free helmet (state law) and then wave goodbye as they ride away on a bike with no brakes.  The even sadder part is if you do the typical after derby survey of helmet use, no one is wearing helmets inter city.


SOLUTION We fix their brakes, lots of flat tires, replace missing parts, more flat tires, adjust gears, a few more flat tires, replace tires all for free (of course we use recycled parts and some times the brands do not match).  We also teach bike repair & maintenance as much as possible.


SECOND SOLUTION: The bike repair puts us in a relationship with the kids, which then carries more weight when we encourage helmet use.  Most flat fix'in fandangoes are part of community or church events.  We could do this non-stop because the repair line seems to never end; but I need sleep.  Hence we could use more volunteers.  We will train and then let you claim your own street corner to have all this fun.  And the truth is, I sometimes think that we would rather fix bikes for kids than anything else!

Last year we generally fixed bikes 2 weekdays in the city, 1 weekday on the west shore, and about every other Saturday at an event.

Our new warehouse is at 921 Elder Street.  We're there Mondays 12 noon - 3 PM, Tuesdays 6 pm - 8 pm, and then some Saturdays.  Check the calendar or call to be sure.

Drop off point is the big tan house - bright red roof at 6 Creekside Dr, Enola.

Contact us a phone: 717-571-2008.  Volunteer help is always appreciated.

Website: email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.